2018年2月1日 - 2018年2月28日


請快來挑選您所喜愛的中文書籍, CD, DVD, 有聲圖書。 選書過程十分簡單,只須輸入您的電郵地址或圖書證號碼,即可開始選書,你可一次過完成或分次進行。 獲得最多票數的書籍, CD, DVD或有聲圖書,將納入本館的中文藏書內,供讀者借閱。

Bayside Library
EzyPik ® Online Voting Selection for Chinese Books, CDs, DVDs and Talking Books
1st Febrary 2018 – 28th Febrary 2018

The book selection process is very simple. Just enter your email address or library membership card number to login. You can finish your selection one off or by multiple visits. Selected books, CDs and DVDs with the highest scores will be added into our Chinese collection for readers to borrow.